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Our tourist farm is situated in the middle of a village called Štrekljevec, in the south-eastern part of municipality of Semič. The tourist farm is situated in the south-west and it is sunlit all day long. There is a view of the garden and a pot hole, of the Assumption of Mary church and 120 years old and still open local school. In the background you can see Semič and the hill called Smuk and Semiška gora filled with vineyards, vineyard cottages and the forest. The settlement is geographically situated at the corner of Bela krajina, below Gorjanci and surrounded by Mirna gora and Kočevski rog. You can feel a special micro climate due to the height of 269,10m above the sea level.



Fruit and vegetables are grown in the gardens, there are vineyards on the slopes and grassland in between. There are about 100 people in the village. Most of them work, besides their regular jobs, on their farms, preparing home made food. Sheep and horses are amongst the most used farm animals. Vinegrowing and beekeeping is still popular. Due to good geographical position and mild climate the Illiryans occupied these regions around 1200 and 800 B.C. The settlement was established in the Roman times. There are remains found from that era, including graves and Roman roads. The archaelogical findings are in the museum in Semič. The continental climate with harsh winters is not so harsh here. Warm summers are cooled by the wind from the nearby forests. The spring surprises us with its rich vegetation and the autumn is beautifully colourful and rich with different fruits.



Štrekljevec is near Novo mesto. It can be reached in less than half an hour by road winding through Jugorje and Gorjanci. After that there is a highway leading to different directions in Slovenia and towards Zagreb in Croatia. It is the same distance towards Vinica in the other direction in the south of Slovenia, at the border with Croatia, where the road leads to Bosiljevo in Croatia. There is a highway cross for Dalmatia, Kvarner and Zagreb. Airports in Ljubljana and Zagreb are an hour away.


GPS coordinations: 45°40′13.98″N 15°13′3.12″E

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